WAX POETIC feat. Marla Turner

New York-based trip hop band Wax Poetic was founded in 1997 by Turkish saxophonist, record producer and composer Ilhan Erşahin and American blues pop and jazz singer-songwriter and musician Norah Jones. The band’s current line-up comprises Ilhan Erşahin, Thor Madsen (guitar and beats), Jesse Murphy (bass), Jochen Rueckert (drums), and Marla Turner (vocals). In the late 1990s, they caught the attention of Atlantic and they quickly signed with this record label. At the same year, they released their breakthrough self-titled debut album, which produced the band’s first biggest hits such as “Intro”, “Angels”, “Driftin'”, “Selim II” and “Technologie”.  In 2006, they released their following album, Copenhagen, which contained several singles, “Beauty”, “Swing Swing”, “Tommy”, “Under The Sun”, “Nyc” and “White Dove”.




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